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Disrupt Everything Podcast Series ha sido construido para cambiar y mejorar todo lo que te propongas. Es una guía para vivir en un estado permanente de reinvención. Un proyecto diseñado para facilitar las claves, estrategias, técnicas, habilidades, rituales, nuevos fundamentos, procesos, sistemas o trucos que te ayuden a reinventarte a ti mismo, y todo lo demás. La meta final de este podcast es: incomodarte, educarte, molestarte, lanzarte, liderarte, desarrollarte, optimizarte, mentorizarte, potenciarte, propulsarte, elegirte y reinventarte. Vamos a ello.


Mar 29, 2021

"In my first year of school, when I was 17, I went into drugs, and I got seriously damaged" - Jules Evans.

Interviewing Jules Evans on Stoicism, modern philosophy, psychedelics, beliefs reprogramming, altered states of consciousness, mysticism and the ecstatic, life lessons, fighting depression, dealing with anxiety and stress, self-reliance, self-mastery and lifestyle design.

Jules Evans: writer, speaker and practical philosopher, interested in ideas and practices which help beings suffer less and flourish more. 

"What was causing my pain and anxiety was the belief that I was broke"

Jules Evans podcast interview

"Cognitive therapy and stoic beliefs helped me to reprogram my beliefs" - Jules Evans.

Index of contents

  1. Top milestones.
  2. How to reprogram your beliefs.
  3. Copying with adversity, stress and anxiety.
  4. The most important lessons of Jules Evans' books.
  5. Psychedelics shaped my life.
  6. The ecstatic.
  7. Rapid-fire questions.
  8. Final message.

"Push back to your automatic fears"

Podcast show-notes:

"Stoicism is very good to manage what you are feeling inside of you" - Jules Evans.