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Disrupt Everything Podcast Series ha sido construido para cambiar y mejorar todo lo que te propongas. Es una guía para vivir en un estado permanente de reinvención. Un proyecto diseñado para facilitar las claves, estrategias, técnicas, habilidades, rituales, nuevos fundamentos, procesos, sistemas o trucos que te ayuden a reinventarte a ti mismo, y todo lo demás. La meta final de este podcast es: incomodarte, educarte, molestarte, lanzarte, liderarte, desarrollarte, optimizarte, mentorizarte, potenciarte, propulsarte, elegirte y reinventarte. Vamos a ello.


Jun 3, 2020

"I'm fulfilled when I'm creating" - kamal Ravikant.

This is a fun, entertaining and compelling interview with Kamal Ravikant. We talked for almost 1:20 pm about (own) love, curiosity, taking risks, life and death, forgiveness, working yourself, the art of writing, undertaking, mastering the mind, creating change and flourishing.

"You have to care about doing your best work and put it out there."

Kamal Ravikant - Disrupt Everything podcast

"I don't care about inspiration- Kamal Ravikant.

Index of contents

  1. Lessons as a soldier in the army.
  2. Correlations and observations on backpacking, setting up companies and writing.
  3. On learning the craft.
  4. Rebirth.
  5. The art of pilgrimage.
  6. Unforgettable memories of the Himalayas.
  7. The untrained monkey, and how to train the mind.
  8. Why your life depends on loving yourself.
  9. Live your Truth.
  10. The path to a eudaimonic life.
  11. The best lessons as a writer.
  12. Great learning as an entrepreneur.
  13. About follow your heart.
  14. The toughest challenge.
  15. And death comes.
  16. Rapid-fire questions.

"The foundation for love is that you're alive" - Kamal Ravikant.