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Disrupt Everything Podcast Series ha sido construido para hackear el potencial humano y que tu mismo, a través de la experiencia y la experimentación, impactes positivamente en tu vida y profesión. Es una guía para vivir en un estado permanente de reinvención. Un proyecto diseñado para extraer y acercarte las claves maestras, de ese 1% de los más grandes disruptores mundiales, así como desgranar sus estrategias, técnicas, habilidades, rituales, hábitos, nuevos fundamentos, procesos, sistemas o trucos, que te lleven a reinventarte a ti mismo, y convertirte en Big Bang que ser humano representa. La meta final de este podcast es: incomodarte, educarte, molestarte, lanzarte, liderarte, desarrollarte, calibrarte, optimizarte, mentorizarte, potenciarte, propulsarte, desbloquearte, elegirte, reinventarte, maximizarte y despertarte.

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Apr 16, 2021

"Before I got incarnated, I said 'give it all to me'" - Alea Kay.

Interviewing Alea Kay, internationally renowned vocalist, singer, coach and speaker, known as Lex Empress, on the power of finding your own voice, following your truth, discovering your mission and purpose and living your fullest potential. It is a life-changing conversation about vulnerability, resilience, improvisation, change, self-mastery, self-reliance, speaking your truth, taking responsibility and full commitment, courage, wonder, and the divine.

"Every human being has grown potential"

Alea, or Lex, is one of a kind; improvisation is, as it always has been, her BFF. She has now fine-tuned her improvisations to create transformation in the listener individually; so, for the entire audience. Her Soulsong concerts are sold out globally, and her retreats are amazing medicine for everyone attending.  Let me tell you that this one is a special podcast, one of the female presences and people who have indescribably transformed my existence. She is Alea Kay (Lex Empress). In the interview, we explore the white magic and the psychic; we also deepen on how to discover and live in our maximum potential, being the people who really are before all the limiting beliefs that have arrived later. A conversation about taking responsibility for our life, which explains how to connect with the divine, gives you an account of our truth and what is that mission that we have come to do on earth, so being easier to identify and honour our true purpose.

"In the shadows is where the new sprouts are"

Alea Kay podcast interview - Lex Empress

"I used poison instead of remedy, but this poison turned into the remedy" - Alea Kay.

Index of contents

  1. Milestones.
  2. The gift.
  3. Finding your mission.
  4. Purpose.
  5. Biggest learnings.
  6. Entering the soul-song.
  7. How to identify and clear limiting beliefs.
  8. Living your fullest potential.
  9. Most important lessons from coaching thousands of individuals.
  10. Staying present.
  11. Rapid-fire questions.
  12. Final message.

"My earliest memories of working with energies was at 4 years old"

Podcast show-notes:

"We need first to remember who we are" - Alea Kay.